Aug 212013

Question by John Arkan: What’s better for my young son: weight training or body weight exercises ?
He’s 10 years old; however, I don’t want the weights to stunt his growth either. I remember when I was in junior high I would see some huge muscular kids; but later in life when I seen them as adults they were very short; but still muscular none the less. Is it better to have him do body weight exercises like push ups and hindu squats? I want him to wrestle.

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Answer by Loyd K
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May 282012

Question by Kasm: Whats a good way to workout my biceps and legs without weights?
Ok I know pull-ups are a good exercise but I don’t have anything in my house to hang from. I live in a apartment with no gym so I have nowhere to do pull ups. Is there anything else that I can do to build my biceps?

And for legs I’ve been doing lunges but is that really enough, especially since I don’t have weights?

I don’t have access to weights at the moment so I would love it if someone could give some good calisthenic exercises for me to use.

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Answer by flamemaster_lang
you can still do chin ups. hang from the sturdiest door( while its open of course). put a towell or something under it to keep it still. as for legs. bodyweight lunges work. and squats. if you want some weight, save two empty milk gallons and fill them with water, or sand, or loose change, anything really.

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Sep 202010

Question by SB1976: I have a condition that causes intense pain in my feet. What’s a good aerobics exercise for me?
I have Planar Facitus (commonly known as heel spurs). This causes intense pain in my feet which gets worse when I stand or walk for long periods. I also have very stiff legs and soreness in the leg muscles. What’s a good aerobics exercise for me. Bike riding causes me almost as much pain as walking. Help?

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Answer by Brenda T
Have you thought about swimming?

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