May 182013

Question by : What are good plyometric and agility exercises to increase vertical leap?
Hey I got a friend who’s 6’4 and weighs around 230. He loves playing basketball and has a lot of dedication the only problem is his vertical leap is pathetic. So I’m gonna help him increase his leap but first I want to know any tips or exercises that could really help someone who’s heavy and flat footed. Thanks in advance for your answers, remember only plyometric and agility workouts, no weights it’ll only slow him down.

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Answer by eddie h
jump rope and running up the stairs.

otherwise. you can try do easy drills like running the
tire, or jump over a cone and shadow run.

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Nov 092012

Question by army: Can isometric exercises increase my vertical leap and what kind of exercises.?
I did air alert 3 and gained 8 inches and have 33” vertical leap. Here is the deal can isometric exercises increase my vertical leap and what king of exercise are they?

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Answer by MC (Alpha Hunter)
yes, Vertical Program should help

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Jan 042011

Squat Exercise – How To Squat For Vertical Jump Training

You know I can make you jump higher.  Ways to help you add more vertical jump is squat.  The squat exercises can increase your flexibility and most apply in any sport.  These kinds of workout are often used as a way to measure flexibility.  The strong connection with another in your body or flexibility can build by squat exercises.  The chains of muscles that spread the posterior of your body are related with gluteus maximus muscle, back extensor muscle and your hamstring.  The hamstring refers to one of the three posterior thigh muscles, or to the tendons that make up the borders of the space behind the knee.  Because each other are being connected to the bones that indirectly pull on by muscles.  This article will guide you to learn how to jump higher in 2 weeks by follow this important information.

Squat Exercise Describing : Make sure your hips are in a flexed position, during perform squats.  This allows your glutes and hamstrings for stretching.  For fast achieved you must keep in mind that lower you squat make greater the stretch.  In order to preserve your balance, you need to bend torso forward.  If you want more intensity in your workout for better and fast result, you can put weights on your shoulders or waist. This technique help on your back extensor muscles in order to support both weight on your body and on your shoulders.  Why you need to make strength on extensor muscles because, when contract this will drag the back of the pelvis to an upward position.  Both of glutes and hamstrings are attached at the pelvis and they drag down on the back of the pelvis as they are both beings outstretched.  As a result of the glutes and hamstrings are enforced to strain, the back extensors are not able to offering their shrinkage.  Elasticity with the glutes and hamstrings is required to accomplish great on squat workout.  When perform correctly Squat exercises can be significant drill that can lead you how to jump higher in moments.

Squatting form is very important : You know, many people perform a squats incorrectly. Your knees will drive forward while placing weight on the toes keeping the torso erect, when squats are incorrectly performed.  The grants more give from the back extensors, which drops the strain of the glutes and hamstrings.

Hip extensions and power : Normal squatting workouts will not work if you expect to improve your vertical jumping ability. The most forceful joint movements inside the human body are Hip extensions.  Hip extensions that correctly performed are the best way to train your hip and it does provide potential for improve jumping even running.  Why performing squats can be very harmful because, if you perform squats incorrectly it will place a lot of pressure on your knees, but ultimately this is one of the most efficient method to make you jump higher in any sport.

Do not worry at first with the depth of the squat.  Focus on the overall form and increasingly maintain good form.  Increase more flexibility, you have to go lower and lower with your squat exercises.  Whenever you have perfected these squat workouts you can try squats with your hands over your head.  Add weight to the overhead squats. Finally, your form will be perfected with time as well as dedication while training how to make jumping higher in the fastest time possible.

Learn how to do some air squat exercises for your lower body from our expert in this free fitness video on lower body cross training exercises. Expert: Garrett Smith Bio: Garrett Smith NMD CBP CSCS BS, has been interested in exploring, learning, and implementing fitness and nutrition (the proper combination of which he believes is the foundation to all health and welln Filmmaker: Louis Nathan
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