Jul 172014

Biceps Push Ups Training Funny Exercise Crossfit Workout Sport Sports Fitness Bodybuilding Miscellaneous Black For Iphone 5c Education Is Important. Big Biceps Are Importanter Protective Case

  • Protects from dust and scratches
  • Made of durable materials
  • Designed for perfect fit and allows easy access to screen, buttons, camera and ports
  • Cover is lightweight, strong and durable
  • Extremely lightweight, high quality

This case for your smart phone will protect your cell phone against dust and scratches.
Extremely tough, durable case molds perfectly to your smart phone.
This biceps push ups training funny exercise crossfit workout sport sports fitness bodybuilding miscellaneous black for iphone 5c education is important. big biceps are importanter protective case provides easy access to all functions without removing the case.,Education is important. Big Biceps are importanter. Show everyone that you

Price: $ 12.55

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May 032014

Elite Functional Exercise (EFX): Postural Bodyweight Training

  • 3 DVDs
  • 60-Day Total Body Transformation
  • 27 orthopedically correct, postural exercises
  • Builds incredible strength and melts fat
  • Perform better- all the time!

Developed by elite Special Operations trainer and bestselling author of You Are Your Own Gym, these workouts develop peak fitness by improving postural habits that will transfer to all areas of your life. By focusing on proper joint alignment, these cutting-edge workouts allow you to develop a high performance body, while preventing the many ailments of today’s sedentary life.

This 3-Disk Set Contains:

Warm-up: Prepare yourself for the main body of the workout with dynamic movements that in

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Aug 312013

Penitentiary Fitness: The Amazing Weight Loss Formula or A Bodyweight Exercises and Workouts Training Program (Volume 2)

When the California Department of Corrections took away their weights, the inmates created an ingenious exercise regimen using their own bodyweight. The push-up and pull-up type workouts enabled them to develop sleek, muscular physiques remarkably similar to those of Olympic gymnasts. Author John Barrett Hawkins immediately recognized that people in the “real world” would benefit from these training methods and set out to write PENITENTIARY FITNESS.
With no professional credentials to

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Strong Anywhere – The Minimalist Guide to Building Superhuman Strength

Strong Anywhere is a progressive approach to bodyweight strength training, Simon Boulter has put together material that willl help any man or woman build strength, power and athletic ability anywhere, any place, any time.

You won’t have to pay expensive gym membership fees, you won’t have to queue up and wait for gym equipment, you’ll also have the convenience of training at home or exercising outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.

You won’t need to travel to the


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