Oct 252013

Question by Jon L: Are Bodyweight exercises better for you than weight lifting?
I’ve Heard this and looked it up and found a good amount of stuff and i am starting to agree with this. Like using bodyweight exercises in sports rather than lifting weights.

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Answer by MHS619
I believe it depends on the sport and what it requires. If a sport, such as football, that requires strength, you’d want to his the weight room to be able to bench or squat 400+lbs instead of putting 400lbs on your back and do pushups.

From what I’ve seen in my former high school, Cross Country runners do a lot of bodyweight exercises that help increase their heart rate and lungs.

So it depends on the sport. Most sports would have you incorporate both bodyweight and weight lifting exercises and have different purposes. Don’t rule one of them out completely, you might regret it.

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Oct 042010

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