Aug 312013

Penitentiary Fitness: The Amazing Weight Loss Formula or A Bodyweight Exercises and Workouts Training Program (Volume 2)

When the California Department of Corrections took away their weights, the inmates created an ingenious exercise regimen using their own bodyweight. The push-up and pull-up type workouts enabled them to develop sleek, muscular physiques remarkably similar to those of Olympic gymnasts. Author John Barrett Hawkins immediately recognized that people in the “real world” would benefit from these training methods and set out to write PENITENTIARY FITNESS.
With no professional credentials to

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Strong Anywhere – The Minimalist Guide to Building Superhuman Strength

Strong Anywhere is a progressive approach to bodyweight strength training, Simon Boulter has put together material that willl help any man or woman build strength, power and athletic ability anywhere, any place, any time.

You won’t have to pay expensive gym membership fees, you won’t have to queue up and wait for gym equipment, you’ll also have the convenience of training at home or exercising outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.

You won’t need to travel to the


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May 082013

Stronger Seniors® Chair Exercise Program- 2 disc Chair Exercise Program- Stretching, Aerobics, Strength Training, and Balance. Improve flexibility, muscle and bone strength, circulation, heart health, and stability. Developed by Anne Pringle Burnell

  • 2-DVD set
  • 95 mins

The Stronger Seniors Stretch & Strength Workout Program is designed by Certified Fitness Instructor Anne Pringle Burnell to help seniors develop strength and to enhance the ability to function in daily life. These two fitness DVDs work together to improve your ability to be stable and balanced, to stay mobile, to go up and down stairs, to squat and pick something up, and to play with your grandchildren! Exercise at home regularly with the Stronger Seniors Stretch & Strength Program to increase f

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Aqua Fitness Exercise Set – 6 Piece Color Assorted

  • Water barbells.
  • Exercise belt.
  • Exercise Gloves.
  • Workout routine included.
  • One size fits most.

Aqua Fitness: The Intelligent No-Impact Workout!

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May 032013

7 Weeks to Getting Ripped: The Ultimate Weight-Free, Gym-Free Training Program


Follow the day-by-day plan in this book and you will finally achieve the body you’ve always wanted. The 7 Weeks to Getting Ripped program takes less than 2 hours per week and doesn’t require any bulky gym equipment, but the workouts have the power to reshape your entire physique.

Packed with clear charts and helpful photos, this book provides everything you need to get in the best shape of your life in just

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The Gymless Body – Become the Gym

The Minimalist Guide to Superhuman Strength
Professional MMA fighter Simon Boulter has spent a decade experimenting with bodyweight strength exercise, using himself and many clients as guinea pigs. Now 10 years later he is unleashing all that he has learned about creating fast, radical strength gains using no equipment what so ever in his new book ‘The Gymless Body.’ The future of strength and fitness is here, in the form of the old school, like you’ve never seen it before.


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