Jul 272013

Question by Mishal: How to relieve knee pain after injuring it in a squat?
I have had pain in one of my knees after doing a squatting exercise a couple weeks ago. I’m not sure if it’s strained or what, but I’ve kind of let it be, which isn’t the smartest thing to do, I know. Recently the tendonitis in my ankle has flared up and now there are two areas of the same leg that are killing me so I’m trying to find a remedy for my knee. Any help at all would be much appreciated.

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Answer by Colettey spaghetti
best thing to do is to put ice on it, but makes sure its wrapped in a tea towel or something so you don’t get ice burn. id also say still use it as normal like walking about but don’t put it under too much pressure otherwise it wont get better. they say if its a new injury put ice on it and if its a old one that was injured ages ago and is hurting now then to put a hot water bottle on it. hope i helped.

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Mar 142013

Question by Munabi: What would cause pain in my chest when doing push ups?
I like to do push ups for exercise but lately when I flatten against the floor I get pain in my chest and it worries me slightly that I don’t know what the cause would be. It’s not a pain through my back or stomach but just in my chest and only in the point of the push ups when you’re supposed to resting against the ground.

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Answer by christurner19
You have several muscle groups activated during a standard push-up: triceps, shoulder muscles, and your chest muscles (there are some smaller muscles activated also, but it’s unimportant). Without a proper warm-up it’s possible that you damaged your pectoralis major or minor (Chest muscles) and you simply need to rest and let them heal.
The proper form for a push-up is to lower your body until you are about 3.5 inches off the ground or the size of your fist. Any lower and you are putting too much stress on your deltoids (Shoulder) and could cause the pain you are experiencing. I suspect it’s one of the two I just covered, as long as there is no swelling or bruising just take some time off and allow yourself to heal. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions feel free to email me.


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Sep 202010

Question by SB1976: I have a condition that causes intense pain in my feet. What’s a good aerobics exercise for me?
I have Planar Facitus (commonly known as heel spurs). This causes intense pain in my feet which gets worse when I stand or walk for long periods. I also have very stiff legs and soreness in the leg muscles. What’s a good aerobics exercise for me. Bike riding causes me almost as much pain as walking. Help?

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Answer by Brenda T
Have you thought about swimming?

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