Apr 282013

Question by Golfer 2008: How can I use more weight on the barbell squat and gain confidence?
I am a teeanger who has only used the barbell squat exercises a few times. I now know that my limit is 80kg, however I had a slight accident attempting to do 90kg. :/
Anyways, what specific exercises can I do (besides the barbell squat), so that I can have the confidence and strength to attempt 90kg again?

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Answer by L
try a forum on bodybuilding.com

you can ask all these types of questions and people who really have experience and help you.

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Jul 072012

Question by Profile: Do squats (exercise) release growth hormones, or cause your pituitary gland to release more growth hormones?
Do squats (exercise) cause your thighs to release growth hormones, or cause your pituitary gland to release more growth hormones?
lol thanks for the answers, but my main focus is where is the growth hormone secreted from?

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Answer by Paul K
I read that it increases your testosterone levels, but don’t take my answer too seriously.

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Jul 032011

Question by Rickey M: Its about how to make my body lose more fat and gain muscle?
Ok! I am running to lose weight and I am doing dumbbells to make my biceps bigger, im doing push ups to work on my chest and triceps and shoulders, and im do abs exericses to get me a six pack. wouldnt be ok if i keep doing the muscle exercises and then lose the weight so when i lose it my muslce will all reading be showing

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Answer by Matt T
If you are above 10% body fat then you should be doing cardio (includes running, swimming, cycling ect..) until you are less than 10% body fat. After you are less then 10%, that’s when you should be working out your muscles. Also be sure to eat breakfast, alot of snacks that are low in calories, and lots of water.
So just run first to lose the fat, eat healthy, and then you start working out to build muscle.
– Hope that helps

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