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Lung Exercises Can Help You Quit Smoking & Gain Better Health

Lung Exercises may seem like an odd thing to you when it comes to quitting smoking but when your smoking cough starts playing up and you feel your breath is shallower than it used to be then at least the idea it will help your health is reasonable.

Cleaner lungs will help you quit smoking as well because once your lungs are clean your body is no longer used to the toxins and tar of cigarettes and actually makes cigarette smoke repellant to you.

In short lung exercises will make you healthier and make enjoying cigarettes impossible aiding your quitting efforts!

Now this may all sound rather far fetched to many people and the truth is that you cannot achieve this with JUST lung exercises. A regime of treatments called a lung detox can give you the full benefit if healthy lungs and all the positives that come with that including:

Aversion to Cigarette smoke
Easier breathing
Decrease chance of lung cancer
Eliminate the ‘smokers hack’
More energy
Better blood circulation
and more


The lungs are such a vital part of the body and effects so many other parts the negatives of having lungs clogged with tar are quite horrendous. To start with though, simple lung exercises can really help.

Try standing in a relaxed position with your hands at your side and breathe in and out through your nose normally for a while. Then take a deep breath and exhale through your mouth slowly until you have nothing left in your lungs or so it feels. This is not the end though because there is still stale air left that you need to get out.

Next force your diaphragm to expel the last bits of air by compressing your lower lung muscles and making a “hah, hah, hah” sounds with short intakes pf breathe and forceful expulsion of breath. Do not do this too long if you feel light headed but when you feel you have expelled all you can stand up straight and breathe air slowly back into your lungs through your nose.

Try this several times a day and you can be on your way to better lungs, but if you really want to take charge of your health and cigarette smoking then you need more than lung exercises, you need to know the full secrets of a lung detox. Click below to find out more.

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Mar 152011

Lung Exercise – Increase Your Respiratory Health

If you are looking for a great way to keep your lungs clean, you should try a lung exercise. This is will aid you in breathing better and just feeling better in general. When you can breathe easily you can better do the things you enjoy in life, and you’ll be more confident when doing them.

One great exercise for lung, that you may want to consider include are breathing exercises. When you practice your breathing by focusing on it, you are much more likely to enjoy healthier and cleaner lungs as a result of your lung exercise.

The way to lung fitness involves exercising them, and there are many great ways for you to do this through cardiovascular exercise. By working out and strengthen your body you are also doing exercises for your lungs.

Are you aware that exercises increase lung function? If you jog, or walk briskly this is considered a lung exercise and can dramatically increase the functions of your lungs by allowing them to be stronger and cleaner than they may have ever been otherwise.

By doing a lung exercise every day or at least three times a week, you can drastically improve the quality of you life as well as your health. Being able to breathe better is a one of the best reasons to do so, and can really allow you to enjoy your life better too.

If you intend to live a long, healthy life, you’ll need to have clean and healthy lungs to do so. There is no better way that can allow you the most stamina or endurance other than this, so you can see the importance of maintaining a lung exercise on a regular basis.

Now, that you have some important information on how to help your lungs stay healthy and strong through lung exercise, you may want to also consider another way to keep you body strong and you lungs clean. If you smoke, you must quit smoking to keep your lungs as strong as they can be. It’s imperative to your health.

When you smoke, you’re inviting thousands of cancerous toxins into your body and this can destroy all the good you may have done with your lung exercise. It’s not easy to quit smoking but it’s imperative to have good health and clean lungs.

By utilizing a lung exercise, coupled with a quit smoking program, you can the best lungs that you possibly can. This will allow you to have a high quality and hopefully a very long life as well.

When you practice a lung exercise you’ll not only improve the quality of your lung but the entire health of your body. Click here to find out more about lung health, it’s effect on your whole body and its amazing ability to help you quit smoking!

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