Jun 072014

Question by 5 dollar footlong: Are squats good for exercising the butt?
I know that they are supposed to be but according to this video (you don’t have to watch it but it’s just kind of my source):
it says that you can “injure” yourself if you do these exercises wrong. It also says that you might do it improperly and not target the right muscles. How do I know if I’m injuring myself? (I mean, I know some of you will say “if it hurts, duh!” but I’m assuming the guy’s talking about not literally injuring yourself but messing up your muscles in the long run without realizing it. And how do I know if I’m doing them correctly and targeting my butt muscles? Just the whole “if you feel the burn” idea on this one?

Also what other muscles are squats supposed to work out, because I felt the burn in my quads and I’m just wondering if this is normal…

Thanks and sorry the question is so long

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Answer by 【ツ】☺Just me☺【ツ】
I think so..

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May 082014

Question by ◊☼◊April◊☼◊: What are some good stretches and exercises for increasing extension in ballet?
Just wondering what good stretches and exercises there are for increasing my extension in ballet since it seems like I am at a plateau in this area.

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Answer by Kathy
Make sure you have your splits and are really comfortable there. Then, you just have to work on leg strength, which will come from being in lots of classes and working hard. Good luck :)

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Apr 282014

Question by Kevin: Good body weight exercises?
I need good body weight exercises and don’t say push ups, pull ups, or chin ups I already do those. I need exercises to work my back, shoulders, triceps, chest, biceps, and legs and other big muscle groups. By the way I have a pull up bar so what exercises should i do with that. I also want to know when should I start weight lifting I’m 14, I don’t want to start early because I don’t want to stunt my growth. Thanks for answer my question I need at least ten good body weight exercises

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Answer by nuclear_moon2012
Check out beastskills.com. It’s a tutorial site of a bunch of badass body weight exercises (such as the muscle up, and handstand pushups).

Also, dips are another good one. Much better for the chest than pushups

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