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Question by Jake: What plyometric excercise is the best for increasing jumping ability?
I have tried several different activities with different results. Any ideas?

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Answer by Kori M
at the gym (gymnastics) we do a plyometric circuit in the summer, one minute on one minute off of each station, each of these is a station:

-Depth jumps (where you jump from really high up in the air, like off a high bar and practice your landing position)
-We go on a soft mat and do squats, you squat down, jump up as high as you can and then switch feet at the same time
-toe raises
-wall sit
-rebounds over something, we use paralettes, four of them, and put them about 2 feet apart and jump over them one by one and then sprint back to the first one and then jump
-we set up a panel mat and jump on one side, then on top, other side, top, side, top, side etc.
-zig zag jumps forwards and backwards
-we set up a sort of high mat, like a p-bar block and then a panel mat and you jump off the pbar block onto the floor, land with some depth, then jump onto the panel mat right in front of you and rebound off of it, then run back to the pbar block
-on the trampoline we do jumps, split, straddle, other split, over and over
After a round of this…we do stairs!
The coach gives us a number, like 3-5, and thats how many stair climbs we have to do…going pretty fast we run up the stairs, holding the railing and touch every stair…then touch the wall and run down the stairs touching every stair…but that isn’t 1 yet…then we touch the wall and run up the stairs touching every other step, touch the wall and then run down touching every step (its dangerous to have us skipping steps on the way down) and then touch the wall and that is one out of the 3-5 we have to do

any questions?
email me =)
good luck!

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The Best 8 Aerobic Exercises

When most people think of aerobic exercise they think of the classes called aerobics that involves a rhythmical routine that is taught at the gym. Although this is definitely aerobic exercise there are many other aerobic exercises that should be mentioned when considering any exercise routine. Aerobic exercise is any exercise that uses oxygen as fuel to sustain activity. Aerobic exercise elevates the heart rate, increases circulation and usually lasts for an extended period of time. Aerobic exercises can be done indoors or outdoors depending upon the specific exercise. Some indoor aerobic activities include stair climbing, elliptical, indoor rower, stair master, stationary bike, treadmill, housework and aerobic classes. Outdoor activities include skiing, cycling, skating, jogging, walking, football, and rugby. Some exercises such as kickboxing, jump roping and swimming can be done in or outdoors. Aerobic exercises can be differentiated into low and high impact activities. Low impact includes walking, swimming and stair climbing where as high impact include running, football, tennis and dance. Here you can find the eight top aerobic exercises to try out.


Walking- One of the easiest, most inexpensive exercises available for anyone to do. Walking requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. Pace is determined by the exerciser but can be low to moderate. Walking burns more calories the longer you walk and has less impact on the knees and joints than high impact aerobics.
Jogging/Running- A step up from walking, running increases the calories you burn because it involves more energy and muscle movement. Even though it takes less time to run, you will burn more calories the farther the distance you run. Running is based on the exercisers ability to complete this activity. For beginners start off walking and build your way up to running.
Aerobic classes- Aerobic classes are offered at the gym, and community centers in your area. A choreographed routine is taught to participants and is usually rhythmic in nature. The objectives of these classes are to sweat, burn calories and tone muscles. Not all routines require equipment but if it is the gym usually supplies it. Home versions of aerobics are available on DVD and require equipment to be purchased ahead of time.
Step Aerobics- This is usually an alternative to regular aerobics classes that involves the use of a step, bench or stairs. Popular in gym settings, step aerobics involves a choreographed exercise routine that requires the participants to step up and down on a exercise bench that is 1 foot to 3 feet tall and 3 feet long. The routine is normally lively and energetic to motivate participants to continue through the routine. This increases muscle tone in the legs.
Water Aerobics- Water aerobics uses the resistance of the water to elevate heart rate, and improve balance. Moves are often both water and land exercises. Most often offered to older aged individuals to improve balance and stability that has been lost with age.
Swimming- One of the most beneficial exercises that you don’t even realize. It is hard to tell how hard you are working when you are in water, however the resistance of the water on the body as you are swimming requires additional energy and ability from the body therefore burning more calories.
Cycling/Bicycling- Because you are on a machine this exercise is non weight bearing which doesn’t impact your joints the same way other aerobic exercises do. However, cycling does require constant and continuous movement which builds muscle endurance, strength and flexibility while burning calories.
Jump Rope- Although, typically used when you are a child, the jump rope is coming back as one of the exercises that adults should continue to use. It has continuous movement, which burns calories, and the exerciser can set their own pace.

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