Strength Scheduling – Exercise Regimen


Consistency is key.  The toughest part is always getting started in the first few weeks and months.  It throws everything you’ve used to do off schedule.  But because we’re focused on calisthenics, there is no excuse not to do them wherever you are because you’re not depending on machines and barbells and dumbells etc.  And no matter the weather, no matter if you’re on vacation – sticking to the schedule is what makes all the difference.

  • When do you get results? You’re always going to feel better after a workout that you put effort into.  Sore muscles means you’re doing it right and most of the time that’s a good sign.  I like to think 3 months of consistent work gives you visual results.  At least it has for me and for many people I know.  Pushing past 3 months makes other people will see your effots.
  • How long should my workouts be? TIME: 1 hour is usually the best with little time between sets.  Personally, I like to change muscle groups after doing sets.  For example rotating sets between biceps, chest, and legs in that order.  After one rotation you’re onto the 2nd rotation – you’re 2nd set.
  • Which exercises do I do?  The beauty of calisthenics is that you can do a variety of different exercises for the specific muscle.  For example, the push-up: you can do sets for incline, decline, wide, diamond.  Right there, that’s at least 4 different sets for chest day!  Check out other pushup varieties here.  And as always, you can navigate through the menu on the left to check out other muscle groups.

Here’s an example of a schedule that I’ve stuck with:

  • Monday: Biceps and Chest – Legs = Squats/Gluts
  • Tuesday: Triceps and Back – Legs = Lunges/Quads
  • Wednesday: Abs and Shoulders – Legs = Calf Raises/Calf/Hamstrings
  • Thursday: Total body – Legs: Total body
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: Light-workout
  • Sunday: Light work-out

Cardio should be thrown in sporadically whenever you like.  Keep cardio to around 30 minutes straight before or after you workout.

Stretching is also important, so be sure to warm up properly, stretch and then go head-on into the workout.

Don’t depend on other people! Working out with a partner is great.  However, never depend on another person to push you to go to the gym or to work out with you.  The saying is, “Planning to work out never works out.”  Muster up some willpower, and go by yourself.  If you want something enough, you will find a will and way to go – and no one can stop you.