Rock Climbing

Turbulence Training


Rock Climbing is a sport that requires working against and almost defying gravity – always pushing yourself upward with nothing but your own brute strength and burdened only by your own body weight.  It’s a fantastic challenge and a huge rush!  The only thing between you and the ground below is a safety rope.

Rock climbing is becoming more popular every day as a calisthenic activity for physical and mental health reasons. Many gyms and recreation centers are starting to include an indoor rock climbing wall so people can take up the challenge; it is not an extreme sport for hardcore athletes any more.  Indoor and outdoor rock climbing is what makes it a popular and year round sport.

Lots of people take up rock climbing because of its physical benefits and because it is a fun and safe exercise alternative. It is also an inexpensive sport if you decide to take it on more seriously.

Benefits of Rock Climbing
  • Improve strength and muscle tone
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves balance
  • Improves coordination
  • Helps burn calories

When you consider the benefits of rock climbing, you usually think first of the physical benefits.  It demands total body awareness – every movement of the  arms and legs requires careful, slow, and deliberate actions otherwise one wrong move will make you slip and fall!

Not everyone can jump right into rock climbing; it does take some conditioning to be able to start.  If you really want to get into the proper physical condition to take part in the rock climbing fun, perform the following exercises consistently to build strength:

When you think about it, rock climbing combines many calisthenic exercises above. Rock climbing does require a tremendous amount of upper body strength, so focus on those pull ups!  Either way it’s an excellent full body workout!  Rock climbing will also a lot of forearm strength, so conditioning the forearms would really help in your rock climbing adventures.

When you think you’re ready to join in on the fun, go for it and you will not regret it!  It’s an excellent way to meet fit and like-minded people who enjoy the sport.

Climbing to the top!

No doubt rock climbing is an extreme physical challenge. When you stand at the base and look up, it seems like the impossible. But if you decide to face your fears and fight to conquer the challenge, you will come out with a sense of accomplishment – and the exhilaration at the end of a successful climb. You realize that nothing is impossible and you’ll carry that invaluable lesson with you in life. This is the great psychological benefit of rock climbing.

Good luck!