The legs are, in general, the lower half of your body and can be strengthened using many calisthenic exercises. When we work out our legs, we primarily focus on the following muscles:

  • Gluts – Or “Gluteus Maximus,” buttocks, buns, backside, hips, etc. it is the biggest muscle in our body no matter what  you call it!  Almost any exercise or activity you take part in will require the use of the gluts.
  • Quads – Or “Quadriceps,” the top muscles of your thighs.
  • Hamstrings – The back muscles of your thighs.
  • Calves – The back muscle of your thighs.
Some various calisthenics for the legs:

If your looking for various calisthenic exercises to workout the legs, then there are no other exercises quite like the ones listed below:

  • Various SquatsSquats are one of the most beneficial exercises for your entire body. All the various squats will help you develop a stronger and nicer set of legs!
    • Try Wall Squats or One Leg Squats for isolating your quads
    • Standard squat and other squat forms for hamstring and gluts
  • Various LungesLunges are excellent all-around exercise for the gluts, hamstrings, and quads. Be sure to follow proper form!
  • Toe Raises – This is amazing calisthenic exercise for your calves. Just begin in a standing position, lift your heels off the ground slowly while remaining only on the balls of your feet and the toes. Go back down slowly. Repeat.
  • Jumping jacks – Another excellent workout for your calves because you’re always on your toes (standard form).
  • Leg Raises – This abs workout indirectly targets the gluts.
  • Glut Kickbacks – Assume a push up position but be on your knees. This calisthenic exercise may require some balance so make sure you are in a comfortable and stable position.  Begin by lifting one leg off the ground, slowly raise the leg until the thigh is parallel to the ground while extending your shins upward perpendicular to the ground.  Slowly come back down and repeat for the other leg.
  • All other activities requiring legwork such as walking, running, cycling, aerobics, sports, etc.

Every activity that requires you to be on your legs is a workout.

So, what’s one of the most creative alternatives for your legs that:

  1. Helps tone your leg muscles
  2. Promote healthy weight loss
  3. and makes it easy to get in shape?

Check out plyometrics, jump rope, and cardio exercises. You might as well make the most out of your walking too!

Good luck!