Crazy Calisthenics


What is the human body really capable of? Well, watch the videos below and let it blow your mind.

  • Breakdancing Power moves some of the most amazing ways to go out of control yet stay in control is break dancing. Get ready to be blown away
  • Two finger handstands impossible? Not so, check it out below:

    • Shaolin monks are known for their martial arts, which consist mainly of calisthenic exercise, mind you.

    • HumanFlag:


Crazy Calisthenic Activities:
  • Parkour and Freerunning – Ever heard of the real spiderman? This is as close as it gets! Parkour and freerunning seems so fake an unbelievable, but it’s real!  Only when you understand your own body and its limits can you do such things!… Watch:
  • Bartendaz (warning: explicit lyrics)

Come back from time to time as we add in more videos!