Dec 222017

Welcome all calisthenics practitioners!

It’s been a long time coming, but I wanted to announce that I will finally be revamping and making it the best it can be for the benefit all!

There’s been a lot of things I’ve missed, but bear with me and I’ll help you get towards the goals you want to achieve.

As for me, personally and admittedly I’ve been out of consistency on my calisthenics.  And I want to change that.  However, my life has evolved over the years and after completing half marathons and tough mudder type races – life’s been swell!

I’ve grown a passion for mountain biking as well, and would love to focus on that aspect here on the website!  Cycling is a great sport, but mountain biking – being out there one with nature, wind in your hair, the thrill, the sense of adventure, meeting awesome like minded people, and getting the exercise while you do it all… there is little that comes close to the adrenaline rush that it provides.  For me anyway!

Anyways, for all you long time visitors, new visitors, or passerbys – I look forward to providing you with more information on all topics of calisthenics!

Stay Active, Stay Committed – You’ll be Rewarded with Health, Strength, and Feel Good


Talk Soon,

– Owner of