Best Diet & Food Plans


Eat REAL food, avoid processed!

I’ll give you my 3 best tips right now:
  1. Drink WATER.  Get rid of the soda, coffee, alcohol, and flavored processed drinks.  Get water in before you wake up, with your breakfast, at lunch, at work at your desk, with dinner.  Water is free most of the time, so it’ll save you money too.  The sugar overdose from sodas is terrible for your health and your gains. Studies show most sodas have zero nutritional value. If you must have a drink of some sort, drink juice in moderation, perhaps a cup of wine from time to time.  Remember even juice may contain high amounts of natural sugars that exceeds what you need.  DIET sodas? No. Why not just go with water? Zero cost, zero calories, and an absolutely necessary ingredient of life.
  2. Snack healthy.  Snack on baby carrots and plain popcorn, don’t whip out a bag of potato chips or candy. Resist the urge!
  3. Order the healthier stuff.  So let’s say you’re at “Bubba’s Heart Attack Grill” or at the fair and everything is fried, caked in sugar, and greased to perfection.  What do you do?  Well there’s always something at these kind of places that will make you feel better than getting a “triple patty murder burger” or “fried ice cream” at the fair. Order something grilled/baked and preferably with wheat bread or whole grain bread. Take the baked potato instead of french fries, etc.  Get corn on the cob at the fair.  There are plenty of fast food joints that offer healthier alternatives also so make an effort to look for it!

Obviously the point is there needs to be a change in diet and food intake habits which might inhibit your progress at losing weight or strength training or just trying to look good for summer.  In fact, a balanced nutritional diet should become a habit for the rest of your life – not something you do temporarily for 6 months before your wedding or a month before summer.

I like to think with my nutritional diet plan, it will help me live a longer and better life.  What more could one possibly want out of life?  All you have is your time, and if you can increase that time here on this beautiful earth through a good diet the better it all becomes.  Sure there will be pessimists who might say things like: “well, athletes die of heart attacks, triathletes get cancer .. what’s the point?”  As sad as that is, I like to think they prolonged their lives as far as they did through their diet and exercise… wouldn’t you think?

One important fact to keep in mind

I know there are some desperate people out there who really want to cut the weight and fat off their bodies, but realize that it’s a gradual process just like most things in life. You most likely got the weight and fat on your body gradually overtime – so naturally, it’s going to take some time to trim it down. It’s not like you woke up one day and weighed an extra 30lbs – so you can’t expect to hit the gym for a day and lose it all in a day either.  Be realistic and honest with yourself!

So once you take the leap to start a plan to cut the weight, this is definitely one thing you do not want to do:

  • Don’t starve yourself! Starving your body of food slows down your metabolism to preserve the fat you already have on you. It’s like jumping out of an airplane and allowing your main parachute to fail, and all you have left is the backup – it works but you really don’t want that to happen.
    • Your metabolism will slow down and weight loss will be even harder if you starve yourself, so don’t do it!  Your body needs sustenance for the calories to operate involuntary functions such as breathing, blinking, sleeping, and most importantly the beating of your heart!  It’s better to EAT RIGHT than to STARVE yourself, so take my 3 best tips from above and apply it!

You CAN consider reducing your portions. But eating more (in moderation of course) of something healthy is usually better than eating a little bit of something bad.  For example, a quarter ounce (.25oz!) of chocolate for 100 calories, or 1.2 cups of blueberries for 100 calories?  Go for the blueberries.

The number of calories you take in and use each day regulates your body weight.  Everything you eat contains calories and everything you do uses calories including sleeping, breathing, and digesting food. Any physical activity in addition to what you normally do will use extra calories. Therefore, diet and exercise should be collaborative! Now you know why the two words are usually in the same sentence!

Be aware of what you eat!

People are becoming more aware of what they’re eating due to all the nutritional labels and information being thrown at them as required by organizations such as the FDA, and sometimes for marketing purposes by the food companies themselves.   It can be a good and/or bad thing, but what you need to know about foods is usually all spelled out for you on labels.

The dangers of being overweight are widely known so do not subject yourself to an increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, joint problems, etc.  Get active and get healthy!

It definitely will not be an easy road, but determination will help you accomplish anything.

A GOOD diet plan lets you eat to your belly’s content, but only with what you need and could use more of.  Excessive sugar and sodium are the biggest enemy for most people trying to get abs.  So get on a diet plan and eat to lose weight and stay healthy!  If you would like a suggestion on diet plans, just contact me here and I’ll try to help you get to your goals!  Everyone is different, so not all diet plans are same. Just let me know!

Good luck!