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I’ll give you my 3 best tips right now:
  1. Drink WATER instead of sodas. You really don’t need the extra sugar. Studies have shown that sodas have zero nutritional value. If you must have a drink of some sort, drink 100% pure juice (not punch!). What about Diet sodas? Sure they’re a better alternative than regular soda, but you don’t need the ingredients and carbonation that come with it either. Just go with water!
  2. Snack on baby carrots and fruits, don’t whip out a bag of potato chips or candy. Resist the urge!
  3. If you just have to eat fast food, order something grilled and preferably on wheat bread. Take the baked potato instead of french fries, etc. There are plenty of fast food joints that offer healthier alternatives so make an effort to look for it!

Obviously the point is of these tips are to eat healthy, but it should become a habit for the rest of your life – not something you do temporarily for 6 months before your wedding or a month before summer.

The number of calories you take in and use each day regulates your body weight. Everything you eat contains calories and everything you do uses calories including sleeping, breathing, and digesting food. Any physical activity in addition to what you normally do will use extra calories. Therefore, diet and exercise should be collaborative! Now you know why the two words are usually in the same sentence!

One important fact to keep in mind

I know there are some desperate people out there who really want to cut the weight and fat off their bodies, but realize that it’s a gradual process just like most things in life. You most likely got the weight and fat on your body gradually overtime – naturally, it’s going to take some time to trim it down. It’s not like you woke up one day and weighed an extra 30lbs – so you can’t expect to hit the gym for a day and lose it all instantly. Impossible!

So once you take the leap to start a plan to cut the weight, this is definitely one thing you do not want to do:

  • Don’t starve yourself! Starving your body of food slows down your metabolism to preserve the fat you already have on you. It’s like jumping out of an airplane and allowing your main parachute to fail, and all you have left is the backup – it works but you really don’t want that to happen.

Your metabolism will slow down and weight loss will be even harder if you starve yourself, so don’t do it!  Your body always need food for calories to operate the involuntary functions such as breathing, blinking, sleeping, and most importantly the beating of your heart!  You have to EAT RIGHT and there’s no way around it. Take my 3 best tips from above and apply it!

You CAN consider reducing your portions, but don’t be picky. Eat more of something healthy is better than eating a little bit of something bad.

Be aware of what you eat!

People are becoming more aware of what they’re eating due to all the nutritional labels and information being thrown at them as required by organizations such as the FDA, and sometimes for marketing purposes by the food companies themselves. The dangers of being overweight are widely known so do not subject yourself to an increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, joint problems, etc.get active and get healthy!

If you think my 3 tips at the beginning of this page helped, The Diet Solution has so much more useful information to help you with your eating habits. Does it make sense to lose weight starving yourself? No way! The Diet Solution tells you what you CAN eat to lose weight and stay healthy, check them out here! It’s no wonder they’re one of the most highly rated products. I cannot recommend them enough!

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It definitely will not be an easy road, but determination will help you accomplish anything.
Good luck!