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What are the benefits of Calisthenic Exercise?

The best benefit from calisthenic exercise is that you will understand everything about your own physical body and its limits.  This is invaluable when functioning in your everyday life and helps you to avoid injuries.

One of the greatest advantages about calisthenic exercises are the synergistic benefits. For example, when you perform a push up you may think you’re only working the chest and arms but that is far from the truth. You’re also working the back muscles and abdominal muscles and shoulders and legs!  Although a push up does not directly target these synergistic muscles, you are working them regardless and every little bit helps!

Calisthenic Exercise, if performed vigorously and with variety, can benefit both muscular and cardiovascular fitness.  Have you seen the muscles on a gymnast? They’re completely ripped and most, if not all, of they’re muscle mass are due to calisthenic exercises!  Read more about gymnastics here.

Calisthenic exercises are usually repetitious natural movements that can also improve psycho-motor skills such as balance and coordination when done with consistency.  In other words, think “Kung Fu,” which really means “any individual accomplishment or skill cultivated through long and hard work” in Chinese (reference Wikipedia).

Want more reasons? Here’s another 15 reasons you should do calisthenics exercises:
  1. Calisthenic Exercises are completely FREE, and relatively easy to perform. You don’t necessarily need a gym membership unless you feel like it’s a better environment than your home for exercising.
  2. By adding calisthenics to your exercise regime and going on a good diet, tremendous improvements to your health and level of fitness will result.
  3. Does not require you to buy or use expensive equipment. Your body-weight is the only thing you need!
  4. Can be done anywhere and anytime.
  5. Calisthenics can be done by people in all age groups and genders and without risk of injury when done properly.
  6. Improves overall stamina, strength, energy, agility, coordination, balance, and promotes overall fitness for your health.
  7. Can improve mental health just as it does psycho-motor skills like balance and coordination.  Can help treat mental problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc. and can boost your self-esteem.
  8. You can have a partner to help increase or decrease the resistance level of the exercises making calisthenics more fun and enjoyable.
  9. Helps burn fat! Calisthenics improves the ability of muscles to use fats during exercise – everyone wants to get rid of unwanted fat which can potentially result in a lean and fit physique.
  10. Calisthenics helps strengthen the muscles around your joints allowing them to become more stable and can help you avoid injuries in your everyday life.
  11. Simple exercises such as the squat and push up can help you workout the entire body due to all the various synergies.
  12. When done consistently, calisthenics can provide relief from various body and muscle aches and pains.
  13. You can achieve greater vigor, flexibility, and agility from your muscles by performing calisthenics.
  14. Performing some various calisthenic exercises may speed up your heart rate which becomes a cardio workout – thus making it good for heart health.
  15. Calisthenic Exercises are more NATURAL for your body than weight-lifting! It also sculpts your body NATURALLY which, in the eyes of most people, results in a more attractive looking physique.
How to improve your fitness level, strength building, and gain a better physique with Calisthenic Exercise

Calisthenic exercises should be performed under a proper routine and followed consistently to be effective.  Give yourself a couple minutes in between your exercises and sets – nothing too long!  Don’t believe me? Check out INSANITY and watch the Video!  For beginners, the number of repetitions can be as many or as low as desired, but do not over exert yourself and remember to keep good form and technique!  As your muscles build strength, the number of repetitions should gradually be increased and the exercises should gradually intensify also.

In terms of sports, calisthenic exercise trains you for almost all forms of athletics. If you understand your body before doing various activities, you will perform better as well as reduce the risk of injury. In today’s society, many people are not as naturally athletic as they were years ago because they are jumping into various sports and activities without understanding the capabilities and limits of their bodies. This can be dangerous, therefore, learning your body using calisthenic exercises will help tremendously.

Remember to practice and stay consistent towards your goals to improve your fitness levels!  You have to raise the bar gradually for yourself when it comes to exercise. Remember that if you do not go that extra step, you’ll never be able to reach your goals.

Good luck!