We all want arms that are defined, toned, and sculpted for aesthetic reasons – man or woman.  It’s always exposed when we wear normal clothing such as t-shirts and tank tops, so we might as well make them look good, right?  An arm calisthenic exercise regime will definitely give you what you’re looking for.

If you have flabby arms upper arms, I’m sorry to say this but the fat on your arms are one of the most difficult areas to burn off. If you want to get rid of it, you need to go through an exercise regime and diet that targets fat on your entire body – the same way you would if you wanted to see your abs!  The bright-side to this option is you’ll lose belly fat and other problematic areas on your body as well – yes, if it’s on your arms then it’s in those other areas as well.  Remember a good diet & food plan must be in place to lose body fat, check out one of the best internet programs in existence: The Diet Solution.  The worst thing you can do is starve yourself because then your body wants to preserve the fat due to the lack of an energy source.. food!  The Diet Solution tells you what you CAN eat to burn fat. Check them out here!

The Arm Muscles

When we workout our arms, we primarily focus on these three muscles:

  1. Biceps
  2. Triceps
  3. Forearms

Performing the calisthenic exercises below will directly and indirectly target all these muscles in your arms:

As we all know, the push up is one of the best calisthenic exercises known to mankind. All the various forms of the push up, dip, and pull up will workout the arms.  Proper form will help you isolate these muscles. For example, the chin-up or perpendicular pull up can help isolate the biceps, the standard dip can isolate the triceps, and almost all push ups help the forearms.  The added benefit to these exercises is they also work out many other muscles!

Also, keep in mind that your triceps make up 75% of your upper arms!  If you want a nice set of arms, you cannot ignore the triceps! It is a larger muscle than the bicep. Dips will really help you a lot here.

Load your guns!

Sure you can also get a nice set of guns by curling dumbbell weights, but there really is no need. Go with natural calisthenics exercises, and if you want to make things more difficult check out the more advanced forms and techniques for each exercise in the links above.  Don’t believe me? Check out our Crazy Calisthenics section and watch the Bartendaz video.  Those guys are completely ripped from training and practicing pure calisthenics! It’s also the same reason why gymnasts are completely ripped.

Get the toned look in your arms by training these exercises consistently! Use The Perfect Pushup and The Perfect Pullup to really ramp up your workout in a safe and natural and effective way.

Also, remember you won’t lose fat on your arms by only performing these exercises.  The Diet Solution or Fat Burning Furnace will help you achieve your fat burning goals.

Good luck!