Dedicated to anyone who is seeking an alternative to weight lifting. Read all the benefits about calisthenic exercise here!

The mission of this website is:

  • To promote natural muscle strength and fitness for everyday life without the use of weights.

I created this website (with a little help of course) after I realized the effectiveness of calisthenic exercises and all the benefits I’ve reaped from performing them over the years.  It all started with martial arts training and the associated exercises.  I don’t want to brag, but I was always asked if I was lifting weights to which I said,  “no – just the standard push ups, sit ups, squats,” etc.  The only injury I’ve ever had was a sprained ankle (which was not necessarily my fault – a friend thought it would be funny to drop me while giving me a boost!) – it’s a testament to the benefit of calisthenics!

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Good luck!

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