6 Pack Diet


Flat stomach? Pshh give me 6 pack ripped abs!

It’s been asked to death, “how do I get a six pack?!” Not at the liquor store that’s for sure.  The more ab exercises you incorporate into your exercise regime, the higher your chances of obtaining a six-pack.  However, without the proper diet and nutrition you’re cheating yourself from getting the abs you’ve always wanted!

Check out our sit ups and crunches section and learn all the various calisthenic exercises for your abs.

Why would you want a 6-pack?

Before we talk about diets and foods for getting a six-pack, let’s talk about why people want 6-packs.

Defined and toned abs make up the ideal physique to most men and women.  Aesthetics are important to a lot of people and it makes them feel good about themselves.  Also, some do it for the psychological benefits because ripped abs portray health and strength which increases self confidence and self esteem. Either way, abs will gives you a strong core to help you in day-to-day activities and stabilizing your midsection – this could be seen as more beneficial than just the physical and psychological reasons.

Many professional athletes have 6-pack abs because their job requires them to be in top physical condition.  They do not necessarily aim to have a 6-pack, but due to their conditioning their body fat percentage is very low- it’s just a consequence and benefit of their dedication to the job!

The next section will give you some information on body fat percentage and the requirements for a 6-pack.   This allows you to set goals for yourself as you gradually sculpt your body.  After wards, there will be information about diets and foods your belly!

Body Fat and 6-pack Abs:

The chart below (please only use this chart as an approximation, it may not apply to everyone) will give you an idea of where you stand in terms of body fat if you have the information.  For example if you’re a woman with approximately 19% body fat, you’re in the “Good and Fit” body fat range:

The Diet Solution

Essentially, you must try to get into this body fat percentage range for chiseled abs:

  • For men the range is 8-11%
  • For women the range is 10-15%

This may seem completely outrageous and out of reach for many, but it is not impossible.  You just have to take it one step at a time.  The key to getting great abs is getting your body fat percentage to “athlete.”  “Good & Fit” may give you abs when you’re borderline “athlete,” but if you’re that close you might as well work towards athlete!

Generally, most people above the healthy range are not happy with the way their abs look.  So, if you are above the healthy range, set incremental goals to achieve the overall goal.  For example, if you’re at 27% body fat, next month your goal should be getting down to 24-26% body fat – this is more realistic and allows you to work your way down to an athlete’s body fat percentage.  The more you work towards an athletes body fat percentage, the better your results – and the happier you’ll be.

Assuming you’re also doing regular ab exercises and full body fat burning exercises, your next objective is to eat the right foods and lose the excess fat around around your belly!

6 Pack Eating Habits

In order to decrease your body fat significantly you must lose weight and lose fat – this means you will also need a weight loss goal.  Exercise will help you a lot, but you also need good healthy eating habits.  Read our section on the Best Diet and Food Plans to find out more free tips.

The best foods to help you achieve your goals will be high in fiber and protein and low in sugar and salt/sodium.  Here are some food items that you should be consuming to reach your goals:

Here are some good sources of Fiber:

  • Most fruits!
  • Most vegetables!
  • Oatmeal (none of the flavored and sugared stuff! Try it with fruits or a spoon of natural honey if you must!
  • Natural Popcorn (none of the highly salted and flavored stuff!)
  • Brown Rice

Here are some good sources of Protein:

  • Lean meats such as beef, chicken, pork, and turkey (make sure they’re low in fat percentage)
  • Fish such as salmon and tuna are amazing for your health and a great sources for protein, they also contain many other healthy benefits such as omega-3 fatty acids
  • Whole grain wheat bread
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts, Almonds, Pecans (all natural, none of the  salted or flavored stuff!)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Tofu and soybeans
  • Most beans in general

Actually, the foods above would be great for any diet not just a 6-pack diet.  It’s also important you focus on these foods and other similar foods for rest of your life to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Don’t give up on it after you achieved the 6-pack, you worked too hard to get there!

Another important eating habit to keep in mind is to not overeat or under-eat. Eating small meals throughout the day will keep your digestive system and metabolism working, which mean calories are being burned constantly!

If you’re still having trouble with these foods and dieting, there are many more options out there, but A GOOD diet plan lets you eat to your belly’s content, but only with what you need and could use more of.  Excessive sugar and sodium are the biggest enemy for most people trying to get abs.  So get on a diet plan and eat to lose weight and stay healthy!  If you would like a suggestion on diet plans, just contact me here and I’ll try to help you get to your goals!  Everyone is different, so not all diet plans are same. Just let me know!

Achieving Your Goals!

There’s only a few things left to do to achieve your 6-pack goals: you need to stay focused, determined, motivated, and have a lot of self-control.

Don’t forget to stay consistent with your calisthenic exercises such as sit ups and crunches.

Good luck!