Jun 072014

Question by 5 dollar footlong: Are squats good for exercising the butt?
I know that they are supposed to be but according to this video (you don’t have to watch it but it’s just kind of my source):
it says that you can “injure” yourself if you do these exercises wrong. It also says that you might do it improperly and not target the right muscles. How do I know if I’m injuring myself? (I mean, I know some of you will say “if it hurts, duh!” but I’m assuming the guy’s talking about not literally injuring yourself but messing up your muscles in the long run without realizing it. And how do I know if I’m doing them correctly and targeting my butt muscles? Just the whole “if you feel the burn” idea on this one?

Also what other muscles are squats supposed to work out, because I felt the burn in my quads and I’m just wondering if this is normal…

Thanks and sorry the question is so long

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Answer by 【ツ】☺Just me☺【ツ】
I think so..

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  1. Squats with a physio ball behind you on the wall are good.

  2. concentrate on your form to protect from injury . concentrate on flexing your butt as you come up to isolate that area more . Squats are more of a quad exercise but they are very good for the butt as well .

  3. Squats are a great thing to add to your workout. They do work on your quads and glutes and a bit in the calves too.

    If you do not do your squats right you can get hurt, but the same is true with most exercises. The biggest thing with squats is your back can be injured. Doing them correctly is also the key to hitting the right muscle groups. For an unloaded squat like the video shows it’s best to stand with your feet about shoulder width apart or a little more. Your toes should be even and pointed in the same direction. It’s easiest to keep your stance when you interlace your fingers behind your head. Keep your back straight and look forward. When you squat you should go down to where your thighs are parallel with the floor, as if you were sitting on an invisible chair.

    If you aren’t sure of what you are doing, talk to someone at your local gym to make sure your form is good.

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