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Question by Kevin: Good body weight exercises?
I need good body weight exercises and don’t say push ups, pull ups, or chin ups I already do those. I need exercises to work my back, shoulders, triceps, chest, biceps, and legs and other big muscle groups. By the way I have a pull up bar so what exercises should i do with that. I also want to know when should I start weight lifting I’m 14, I don’t want to start early because I don’t want to stunt my growth. Thanks for answer my question I need at least ten good body weight exercises

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Answer by nuclear_moon2012
Check out beastskills.com. It’s a tutorial site of a bunch of badass body weight exercises (such as the muscle up, and handstand pushups).

Also, dips are another good one. Much better for the chest than pushups

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  1. Lunges will work your thighs. Three sets of twenty.

    10lb weight curls will work your biceps. Three sets of ten.

    Arm extensions actually work your back. Three sets of ten.

    Planks work your shoulders. Three sets. Thirty seconds each side.

    Wall sits are good for your calves. One set. Sing the alphabet three times before standing.

    Flutter kicks work your gluts. Three sets of fifteen.

    Bicycle kicks work your abs. Three sets of fifteen.

    Try doing hand-stands (if not on your own, against a wall) for one minute.

    The push ups and chin ups you mentioned work the chest.

    Also, you won’t stunt your growth when lifting weights as long as you aren’t heavy lifting. just do some light (10lb) weights if you want some good resistance.

    I think that’s all I have for now. Don’t forget to stretch and warm up before your work outs. Your legs will probably feel like spaghetti right afterwords.

    Hope this helps.

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