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Question by DPR: Stretching Exercises?
I was wondering if anyone had a really good stretching routine – I am good with my legs, but I have chronic back problems. I twist side to side, I go into the seal position, I think that is from yoga, I stretch my les over my head while lying on the floor, what else can I do? Also, what stretches do you do on your chest and arm workout days – I push my fingers back to stretch my forearm, strtch my arm across my body, and stretch over my head. My biceps and chest don’t get much stretching. Any other ideas? Suggetions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Midnite.
Try doing isolations of the back, and abdomen area. Try reaching for your toes as well, but don’t over do it.

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  1. fill zipper bags with sand,flour or barley they then can be wrapped over the ankle for leg raises laying down(used to do that one at physio) good for strengthening and stretching muscles.

  2. I am a gymnast and I know a lot of excercises. For your back, lay on it and grab your knee and pull it to the opposite side. Hold for about 15 seconds. Another one for your back is doing a seal stretch for about 10 seconds and then a pike strectch(feet straight out in front of you and bend over, nose to knees). For your arms, pull both behind your back, and make them hold hands together. Pull them up behind you to feel a stretch and then pull them down. I’m not sure how to stretch your chest but usually deep breaths help relax it. I hope I helped!

  3. u could stretch ur calves by stepping at the base of a wall and putting pressure on ur calves good for leg work out day and dependng on how bad ur back is u could toe stretchs and u could stretch ur hamstrings y gragging ur foot and tpulling up on it

  4. ok, if you have chronic back problems, then i would not be doing the seal pose often, and you shouldn’t be stretching your legs over your head while lying on the floor, because those can in many ways just further hurt your back. the one with your legs over your head is especially bad because it can put stress on your vertebrae. don’t twist from side to side to much because that can also irritate your vertebrae and your back muscles. maybe try standing with your feet close and bending forward, and holding both your elbows in your hands, and “hanging” this should help stretch most of your back.

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