Feb 222014

Question by Snowman: Squats exercises?
Is there any way to do squats without having to use a barbell across the neck? I’m just not a big fan of them for that reason. I know you can do them in all other funny ways and with dumbells as well, but you wouldn’t be able to push as much weight those ways. Couldn’t you do them with, say, a heavy pole on each shoulder?
Thanks musclebob ( ha ha dig that name ), but to me it looks like, as with using dumbells, that you might be limited to how much you can actually hold, so if you haven’t got one h*ll of a grip, you might be impeding performance…?

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Answer by musclebobbuffpants01
try this:


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  2 Responses to “Squats exercises?”

  1. Ermmmm

  2. front squat
    split squats
    hack squats
    overhead squats
    one legged squats….where you dont even need weight

    all are great variations to the traditional squat

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