Oct 062010

Question by lex: swimming??
is it normal for you feet to hurt after swimming 100 100’s in 3hrs and 40min (i am in my teens and this is my first year swimming on a team)

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Answer by BaGeLmOnStEr
I’ts very usual for your feet to get “cramps” since you were swimming so much.

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  9 Responses to “swimming??”

  1. maybe it hurts cause your kicking hard…or maybe its cause you were swimming for almost 4 hours! thats good endurance!

  2. No good asking me I’m Australian we can,t swim down under?

  3. Well if u paddle to fast and hard i kno ur on a team is it ur first time try going softer but fast

  4. YEAH!

  5. It depends on the person… but I am wondering how do you kick? Do you kick from your thighs or do you kick from your knees or feet? That might be the issue. The strongest kick will come from your thighs and usually your feet will not hurt. You might get a foot cramp/charlie horse for a little while, but then it should go away. I have been swimming for over 10 years and I have to say that I haven’t heard of people having their feet hurt all that badly after a long set… but it all depends on the person.

    I hope that helps.

  6. it helps to have sex immediately after. if that’s not possible, then masturbate,

  7. haha My first year I wouldnt be able to walk after a practice like that. and hun you’ve developed foot cramps. they suck don’t they? try asking your coach if you cn wear fins during a long practice like that.

  8. swimming that many 100 is normal to be sore that means you got a good work out and that it pushed you

    Keep with it

    Swimmers till the end

  9. Yes! 100 100’s is a lot. Trust me I use to get sick after practice when I first started swimming, eventually you get use to it. Just drink lots of water and ice your body.

    Don’t overdue it either, especially if this is your first year.

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