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Question by milauwio: Push ups ?
By doing 1000 push ups every day, which I’ve started amongst physical workouts when I am home and not training, will there be any danger of getting overly buffed? I don’t aim for that body builder overblown look .

I’ve started a friendly competition with my friend that each of us will be able to make more than 100 push ups in one go by September. He can make 60 at once and I 55. I know that the higher you go in the smaller the interval of progress is. What would be the best , direct or indirect, method to acheve this?

Hehe, i know it is childish … :P

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Answer by zs_a_rose_by_any_other_name_zs
doing 1000 pushups every day will probably just cause massive chest pains… your body needs time to relax in between workouts… that’s the time the muscle rebuilds, the workout itself is just the tearing of the muscles so they will later rebuild and become bigger

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  1. Pushups are a relatively low stress exercise. They will not build large muscles, but will help you to improve your upper body endurance.

    The number of pushups that you can do in a single session will increase quickly. There is not a very large chance of serious over-training with pushups either. This is one of the reasons that all branches of the military may frequent pushups a very large part of bootcamp.

    You should be able to work up to doing 100 in a row faster than September if you stay with it, even doing less than 1000 per day. Have fun with it.

  2. You don’t have to do 1000 push ups per day to win a friendly competition with your friend. Cut that in half to like 500 per day. If you are seriously wanted to win the match, go on a diet. This would make your body weight lighter as for the result you get more reps on your pushp ups.

  3. if you do 1000 mush ips 1 day this will cause micro tires in you muscleswhich takes time to heal like a not normal skin cut
    so isuggest that you do your 1000 1 day then the next go for a run to increase you stamina then rest the next day. then after you have rested for a day repeat the cycle. after a week or to you should see an improvement.
    if you doing 1000 every day by september and letting your body rest you will be more muscular but depending on ur body depends on how much bigger you get. look at ur self in the mirror when you are the size you like proably do less per day so you dont get bigger that you want. if you measure you body you can see how much bigger you are geting
    but i dont think you will become massing in 2 .5 months

  4. start out short then go longer each day dog.

  5. Have you heard of Masahiko Kimura? He was one of Japan’s most famous Judoka. He believed in rigorous training. Here is a U-Tube link that documents some of that (including 1000 push ups daily): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkDBflFtPIw
    Anyway, I’ve done 1000 push ups daily training. It’s actually quite easy when you get proper conditioning. However, 1000 push ups non-stop has almost no benefit, except pain tolerance. If you eat well and rest properly doing 4 sets of 50 or 2 sets of 100, 5 times a day will give you great strength and endurance. The size is really a matter of genetics. Your chest will increase, but probably not dramtically. Although, if you genetics are of the sort you could get big.

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