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Question by Sjharr S: Yoga??????
I usually do yoga and relaxation things and stuff like that. and i have a couple questions

1. How long do you think it would take me to lose about 5 pounds while doing yoga?

2. What are the best yoga tips and exersises?

3. What are some good ways to relax?

4. Any advise about yoga?

Those are my questions..hope you can answer them :) thanks!

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Answer by Hans
1. Yoga usually isn’t a very good exercise for weight loss. It increases your metabolism very slightly, and helps to build some muscle mass. Not to mention, studies show that if you do some exercise of any kind in the morning, you’re more likely to exercise again later in the day. So for motivational purposes, yoga is an excellent idea.
2. I really like the book “OM Yoga”, from Barnes & Noble. It has a workout for each day. The best yoga moves are ones that require balancing, such as standing with one leg bent, hands in a prayer position.
3. Try to do yoga in the evening and in the morning. Use a more rigorous (balancing) routine in the morning, and a very gentle style in the evening.
4. Breath very deeply, inhaling to fill your belly first, then your chest. Count to 10, imagining something peaceful or something that makes you happy – a sunny place under a tree, a waterfall, or a landscape covered in snow are some of my favorites. Count to 5, then exhale, deflating your chest first and then your belly. Eventually this becomes habitual when you do yoga, and it’s very relaxing!

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  1. your questions dont seem simple to answer,anyway the best i can tell you that is Yoga itself calms and tones the body,but it isnt a cardiovascular workout,you must do at least a 30 minute a day brisk walk or some sort to increase the efficiency of yoga as a weight loss tool..

  2. 1. Most overeating is an attempt to relieve stress / worry. Yoga relieves the stress so you will eat less.

    2. Start with gentle yoga and try all sorts of poses. Restorative yoga is the most gentle and there is a sample class here:

    3. Take 20 slow deep breaths every hour or so.

    4. Practice yoga regularly. Do it only for 10 minutes or so if that is all the time you have but do it slowly, patiently and regularly for the best results.

  3. I would add walking or aerobic exercise plus meditation and yoga.

  4. Doing the sun salutation is an awesome way to loose weight. I lost six kg in a couple of months. You need to do it for about twenty minutes every day.
    Best tip for yoga is making sure your breathing and allignment are correct.
    Meditation is the best way to relax.
    Check out

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