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Question by SB1976: I have a condition that causes intense pain in my feet. What’s a good aerobics exercise for me?
I have Planar Facitus (commonly known as heel spurs). This causes intense pain in my feet which gets worse when I stand or walk for long periods. I also have very stiff legs and soreness in the leg muscles. What’s a good aerobics exercise for me. Bike riding causes me almost as much pain as walking. Help?

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Answer by Brenda T
Have you thought about swimming?

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  1. i would include 5-10 minutes of stretching before and after excercise
    also check out orthotics(most insurance co.s cover them as they cost about 500..i got flat feet from intense aerobics, and ended up with orthotics, and it helped tremendously..but they help many conditions, including yours…the heel spurs need to be managed medically.
    Lastly, soak in a tub with ebson salts, which relaxes the muscles, and takes the pain away(very cheap, and very succesful)

  2. The stiffness and soreness in your legs is probably related to the way you walk avoiding the pain from the bone spurs in your feet. Swimming would be the best exercise for you. Arm exercises will raise your heart rate better than anything you do with your legs if you want a cardio workout.

  3. Do these exercises to stop the plantar fasciitis problem and then do either yoga or Pilate’s to work on the flexibility and strength that you need. Do these exercises right before you get out of bed and right before going to sleep. From a long sitting position keep the knees straight and stiff. Have the muscles of the feet pull the front of the feet towards the knees. You will know that this is working as there will be a pulling sensation in the calves. Hold that pull for ten seconds and relax. Do that routine ten times. Once you have mastered this movement the same movement can be done standing or sitting. The more that it is done the faster the problem resolves. In the sitting position you can also grab the big toe and pull it up towards the knee at the same time that the feet are being pulled up. The next movement is done on the floor. Squat down fully but maintain heel contact with the floor. Initially you may have to hold onto something to keep your balance but once the muscles of the feet become strong enough you will not need to. Stay in that position for thirty seconds. Try to do this at least twice a day and it should always be done barefoot or in socks. Once this problem has been taken care of then you should be able to do any sport or exercise program that you want. You should always remember to do these movements right after doing any exercise program to keep the bottom of your feet loose.

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  5. Swimming or biking may be good options that do not require excessive pressure on the plantar fascia. You may also want to support your arches with orthotic insoles.

    Plantar Fasciitis is a painful inflammatory condition causing heel pain and in some people, heel spurs. It can also result in arch pain. Plantar Fasciitis is often caused by abnormal pronation of the foot and improper arch support. Contributing factors are weight gain, intense physical activity, jobs that require a lot of walking or standing on hard surfaces, or shoes with poor arch support.

    Research has found that a combination of proper exercises and arch support by wearing orthotic insoles can provide effective relief for plantar fasciitis.

    An explanation of the importance that proper arch support plays in controlling over-pronation, and how orthotic insoles can help your condition are explained at the links below.

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