Sep 192010

Question by Robert: calisthenics?
Can calisthenics be used for strenght/endurance and muscle building? I know calisthenics is limited by body weight. But your body will build more muscle as long as it stressed enough while doing the calisthenics. But once its no longer stressed or challanged it will no longer grow. Untill you challange your muscles again. Is this correct? My goal is to add muscle mass while gaining strength/endurance. I am looking for the best possible workout of this.

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Answer by silverbullet
You can probably build a little muscle if you do enough of it. They’re not going to do much for endurance.

Calisthenics are generally used as a warmup for other activities, like before lifting or wrestling practice.

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  1. Calisthenics will only build strength and endurance when you interval train. For example do 25 push ups then jump to 25 crunches then jump to 10 pull ups and if you can do 10 dips. Do 10 sets of this and you will start building strength and endurance. Do not exceed this trainning four times a week or you will ware yourself out. If you can’t do the amount of reps listed then start smaller.

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