What is Calisthenic Exercise?


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Say goodbye to weights, your body is the last piece of equipment you’ll ever need!  Calisthenic exercises are a natural form of exercise with of a variety of simple movements using only your body weight for resistance.

Lack of equipment is no excuse for not exercising.  Anyone, at any fitness level, can exercise with what is freely available at anytime:

  • Your body
  • The ground
  • Gravity!

Men, women, children, the elderly, and others will find calisthenic exercises beneficial because of its applicability in day-to-day life.  However, don’t underestimate the difficulty of some calisthenic exercises. In fact, body weight exercises may be too much for some people, but with proper techniques calisthenic exercises can be modified to increase or decrease resistance allowing the practitioner complete control of the intensity of the workout. For example, doing a push up on your knees instead of on your toes. Read more about push ups here.

Calisthenic exercises intend to increase body strength and flexibility using only one’s body weight with movements such as bending, jumping, swinging, twisting, kicking, and many other various activities engaging the arms, legs, torso, neck, back – basically every muscle group in your body!

In the end, you’ll realize calisthenic exercises are great for natural strength building – easy or hard. The results of intense, demanding, and vigorous calisthenics exercise will produce amazing results.

There are a ton of benefits with calisthenic exercises – Click Here Our 15 reasons why calisthenics are great.

With Calisthenic Exercise you avoid:

  • Muscle and joint  injuries with weights (the risk increases as weights increase – your muscles might get bigger, but not your joints)
  • Risk of developing a hernia or other effects from overexerting yourself (again, with increasing weights)
  • Buying really expensive weight equipment (to increase weights!)
  • An unnatural-looking body (I only bought a nice bench press for my chest, my arms and legs are tiny!)

With calisthenic exercise, you gradually learn to have complete control over your own body.  You might not be able of doing crazy calisthenics like these, but you’ll be amazed at what the human body is capable of.. or, rather, what YOUR body is capable of.

Various activities such as gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, pilates, running, and walking are all forms of calisthenic exercises.

The more vigorous your routine the more results you will achieve.  For example, famous programs like P90X are so popular because they use natural calisthenic exercises and the results are absolutely amazing, and completely attainable, with a bit of determination, motivation, and willpower. Check them out if you haven’t!

Moreover, you can do them all at home!

Please keep in mind that any calisthenic exercise should be completed with proper form, technique, and breathing.  Improperly performing any calisthenic exercise may cause unnecessary strain to your joints. When done properly, any calisthenic exercise is fun and effective.

What is the best calisthenics exercise routine to improve your physique? Just navigate around the site and find out!